Technology is one thing. Technology without wider adoption is nothing.

Coins don't belong on exchanges and should be traded in a truly peer to peer fashion with incentives to do so. Cryptocurrencies should be allowed to breathe to the point where they become entire vessels for changing established systems. We have the technology.

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Welcome to Jumbucks!

The core idea behind Jumbucks is to create a coin for everyone to use. Jumbucks is not only meant to be fun and experimental, but it is designed to be a beacon towards which all cryptocurrencies should be headed. Jumbucks' use cases will fund honest developers for future coin development, and encourage people to keep their wallets open (and staking!) by offering unique wallet features. Compelling and self-sustaining use cases are planned for Jumbucks, many of which have never yet been seen in the world of cryptocurrency. Jumbucks’ core is a fork of ShadowCoin, so it will immediately offer great features such as P2P encrypted messaging and anonymous dual-key stealth addresses. Between its core functionalities, its sustainable use cases, and its unique wallet features, Jumbucks is a coin designed for the whole cryptocurrency community.

Proof of Developer

For a coin to be successful, investors and users need to be able to trust the key developers behind the project. In keeping with this principle, Jumbucks has undergone POD verification and received a 5+ out of 5 POD identity verification.

No Premine | IPO

Jumbucks launched with zero premine and zero IPO, leaving zero chance of developer dumps or cash-outs. Each individual Jumbuck was mined fairly and openly by the community!

Fair Launch

Jumbucks experienced one of the fairest launches and widest distributions of any coin in the altcoin community. With a record number of first time miners, a public developer, and no premine or IPO, you can invest in Jumbucks with confidence and peace of mind. Join the Jumbucks community today!

“I want to avoid the main use case of being exchange trading. That’s not what I believe cryptocurrencies are about.” — Julian AKA The Truth


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Proof of Developer


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